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Thank You & A Message From Beechwood Grill

We are grateful

We’re grateful to you. For over four decades, Beechwood Grill has had the honor of serving the Greater Holland Community. We’ve been through a lot together over the years! From cars crashing into our deck and building to learning to say “Beechwood Grill” instead of “Beechwood Inn” after our name change and remodel. (Don’t worry, we still slip up sometimes, too!) Also, does anyone remember the months and months of construction on Douglas Avenue in front of the restaurant a few years back? Fun times.

The last five months have been challenging for everyone – for families and for businesses, and we’re so thankful for the community support. While we are so happy and grateful to be going strong despite the situation, the truth is, this job isn’t easy when life is normal. The global pandemic has added a list of challenges for us in food service that are, quite honestly, exhausting and demanding.

Beechwood Grill has always taken pride in our great food, great service, and fun atmosphere. Our team is doing their absolute best in spite of a mountain of new rules and regulations we must adhere to in order to be in compliance. These rules have been set for your safety and the safety of our staff. Many are burdensome and tough on everyone – both guests and staff. We are working harder than ever to make sure you have everything you want and need each time you visit us. We want to help our guests understand what to expect when visiting us to try and help mitigate any misunderstandings or disappointments.

Large Groups

We only have one table that can accommodate up to eight people. If you come with a larger group, please expect to be split up – you may not be able to sit near each other. With the limited seating available in the restaurant at 50% capacity – we simply cannot make any exceptions. We cannot allow you to pull tables together or add an extra chair to a table. Please understand, we have to follow the current laws and rules about capacity and social distancing.

Coupons & Birthday Discounts

Capacity restrictions = less volume = less revenue to pay our staff. Thank you for understanding that we will not be accepting coupons or offering birthday discounts until the capacity restrictions have lifted.

Tipping Your Server

Our servers are working harder than they ever have had to before. These are not normal times for any of us. When you tip less, we’d like you to consider a few things – especially if it seems like you are experiencing slower service.

Please consider the extra time it takes to sanitize every table from top to bottom in between seating guests. Servers are also responsible for sanitizing condiment bottles between uses, too. It’s hot and tiring sprinting around the restaurant in masks. We have to follow a whole new set of rules in order to stay open to serve you – which also takes extra time. Our expertise is in hospitality, not public health – which again, takes time to learn. If you dine with us, we’d appreciate it if you would consider some of these extra duties before deciding on your tip amount.

Food & Beverage Supplies

You may find it frustrating to come to the restaurant expecting to enjoy one of your favorite dishes only to hear that it is not available. This is disappointing for us, too. Most people don’t know a lot about supply chains and logistics, so let us give you the short version of why this is happening from time to time.

Some of our food suppliers are having difficulty balancing the supply they have on hand with the demand. When many restaurants closed in March, April, and May, they stopped making certain items. When everyone started opening up again, suppliers haven’t been able to get ahead of the demand and have depleted their supply. They got behind on production and are still catching up.

The same situation is happening with many of the Michigan craft beers and other domestic beers we have on tap. Many breweries stopped refilling their kegs for nearly 3 months during the shutdown. (Everyone was drinking beer at home and not in the restaurants, so demand was low!) If your favorite beer is out, we’re sorry about that but we cannot control how fast the breweries can fill kegs! 🙂

Most Important…Be Nice

We want you to enjoy your visit with us. We also want to enjoy having you as a guest! So, we kindly ask that you come with an awareness of the many moving parts we all have to navigate during this time. Please come expecting the best of us, and we will do the same for you. Be kind to our staff – they are working incredibly hard for you. Even if it seems to be happening at a slower pace, PLEASE be aware of the many reasons service may be slower. Rude comments and poor treatment of our staff is unnecessary and will not be tolerated. Be nice.

Thank you!